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(Dec 24th, 1999)
Front view of the barn (looking North). The vertical white 'slit' on the right side of the barn is actually the service door.


(Dec 24th, 1999)
Inside view of the barn, from the front sliding door. The opening in the far wall is for ventilation, which the Barn Swallows (birds) use to come and go as they please. We will probably place an electric fan in the opening when Don starts cleaning out the dried sheep dung. All the overhead lights were hung by Don, and you can also see electric outlet boxes on each of the vertical 6x6 posts. For added stability, Don is also thinking about placing two or three rows of 2 x 10's down the full length of the barn, nailed to the tops of each horizontal rafter beam.


(Dec 24th, 1999)
Inside view of the barn, from the back looking towards the front sliding door.


(Dec 24th, 1999)
Looking up at the house from the barn. This view shows the elevation (hill) that must be climbed to get back to the house. Might be a good sled or toboggan hill too! The part of a building you see behind the barn is the garage. The view is to the West.


CLICK HERE To see photos of work in progress around the perimeter of the barn.


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