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(Mar 30th, 2000)
West side of barn. Notice the very narrow drainage area, which is only about 2 feet wide. Don will be widening it so water can drain away from the barn and it's wood structure poles.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
Another vantage point of the west side. Yes, the tractor will be doing a LOT of digging, as the barn sits about 3 feet below grade only 7 feet away from the barn walls. A 'ridge' of dirt will be built to stop watershed from running down the hill to 'stand' right next to the barn walls.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
North end of the barn. Same thing here -- the drainage area is being widened.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
North end again, from a different viewpoint.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
East side of barn. Don has already leveled much of this side, but there is still a slope towards the barn instead of away from it. More work to be done!
On the right hand side of this photo, you can just make out a culvert (water tube) and a driveway going over it. This allows access to the other side of the ditch, which doesn't pop out on this photo. Why the culvert was placed on the North end of the barn, when the driveway comes across the South end is beyond us. So, it needs to be dug out and moved to...


(Mar 30th, 2000)
... where it should have been placed to begin with -- at the end of the driveway that goes down to the barn.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
This is how the ditch looks right now. The culvert will be moved to just beyond where the pile of dirt sticks out into the ditch.


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