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(Oct 26th, 1999)
This is Cookie, our 17 year old cat.


(Dec 24th, 1999)
Another one of Cookie doing what she loves to do most...
sleeping on Carla's lap.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
This one shows off her pretty markings.


(Oct 26th, 1999)
This is our 3 month old kitten, Abby, taking a 'cat nap'.


(Oct 26th, 1999)
Another one of Abby, playing on her "Condo Tower", while she still had her front claws.


(Nov 22nd, 1999)
May I please help you load the dishwasher mommy?

Kitten sound effect


(Dec 24th, 1999)
I just KNOW there is something back there moving around (her tail)! I just can't figure out how to get it, because every time I go after it, it vanishes!


(Dec 24th, 1999)
I could have sworn I saw a Tweety Bird come otta there! Did you see it? Where did he go? (Actually the 'bird house' is a beautifully disguised plastic bag holder that Don's parents gave us for Christmas. It's now in a much more useful place.)


(Mar 24th, 2000)
Abby in her newest play toy, a cardboard tube!


(Mar 30th, 2000)
Abby on her condo tower. Compare to Oct. 26th photo of her on the tower above, and you will see how much she has grown in just 5 months!


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