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(Dec 5th, 1999)
This is one of the many reasons we decided to move OUT of Colorado Springs. That white stuff is HAZE, not fog, and not smoke, as seen from about 20 miles away from town! Carla says it's like this every day now (frown). When we first moved to the Springs in 1991, it had beautiful, clear air, ALL of the time.


(Nov 23rd, 1999)
A blind farmer at Thanksgiving.
Happy Thanksgiving!


For you fans of the Chicago Cubs, we've got news for ya ... The Simla Cubs are the team to beat (laughing)! Simla is a small town about 15 miles East of Calhan.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
Speaking of Simla, here's our favorite place to eat out, the Country Corner Cafe. Just about everything they make is GREAT!


(Mar 30th, 2000)
And here's a little Antique store in Simla. Lots of stuff in there.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
Anyone for playing in the mud?! Whenever it rains or snows then melts, all the dirt on our driveway and between the house and garage turns into a deep mud pond. YUK! Following are a couple more mud photos for your enjoyment. If you have a cement driveway, you don't know how good you've really got it until it's gone.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
Great place -- if you're a pig (laughing)!


(Mar 30th, 2000)
Talk about a driveway entrance marker! Carla found these beautiful multi-colored pinwheels and couldn't resist buying 2 of them (smile). We now have one on each corner of the driveway entrance to the house / garage area. They sure are pretty, spinning in the wind.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
Ray and Ramona are new friends of ours. They collect Corvette's for fun and are planning a move out to the country from the Springs as soon as they can swing a deal.


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