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On the way to our property, from Calhan, this is our second closest neighbor. They are across Harrisville Road from us and about 3/4 of a mile to the West. Their ranch includes cattle and layers (chickens that lay eggs).


This is our closest neighbor, down the hill to the South from us, about 1/2 mile. This may sound like a far distance, but out here where there are no trees or other houses to block sounds, we can actually hear his dog barking every so often! They moved in shortly after we did and plan to raise cattle on their 40 acres of land.
Yes, that's a working water well windmill on the left, surrounded by a stock fence. Windmills are quite prevalent out here due to our abundance of wind and lack of water. We are also starting to see more electricity generating windmills out here too, due to their fairly short payback period of 3 to 4 years.


This is another view of our neighbor to the South, from our front yard. The windmill and stock fence are on the right, with the house on the left. That sure was a beautiful, picture postcard sunset that night (smile).


These cattle are owned by our neighbor to the West, 7R Ranch. Their cattle ranch is supposed to be about 7-1/2 square miles of land! This picture was taken from our driveway.


(Dec 24th, 1999)
Here's our closest neighbor to the West (about 2 miles away). It's the 7R Ranch, and yep, it's a serious cattle ranch (smile). There are 2 houses, one for the property 'caretakers' in front (on the far left) and a large 2-story house, to the right of the first one, for the owners. There is also a guest apartment behind the caretaker's house, a corral, and many outbuildings including a HUGE barn (on the right).


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