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-- New Photos (4-9-2000) --

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For my relatives in La Mesa, California ... I'll bet you didn't know that Chicago and La Mesa were directly across the street from one another! Look below...

(Apr 9th, 2000)
Yep, these two restaurants are right across the street from each other.


(Apr 9th, 2000)
Abby, playing one of her favorite games.  We roll a ping-pong ball through the box and she 'paws' it back to us, most of the time! Believe it or not!


(Apr 9th, 2000)
Carla, with both of our cats, Cookie (on the left) and Abby, about as close as they will ever get to each other when not fighting/playing.


(Apr 9th, 2000)
A small group of wild antelope on our property about 500 feet from the back of our house.


March went out like a Lion at our place...

(Apr 9th, 2000)
These drifts are from our snow storm on March 30-31, 2000.


(Apr 9th, 2000)
Whoever said kids are the only ones who can have fun in the snow is an old fogey!  Hey, we're 40-something and we both had lots of fun tobogganing down our driveway to the barn. The hard part was walking back up the hill (laughing)!  The sled didn't work very well because the hill isn't steep enough.  We even built a toboggan chute (launching hill) that worked out very well to get us going.


Some windmills at a private residence in Falcon, Colorado, which is between us and Colorado Springs.  We're not sure if they collect them, or what. But they sure are beautiful!

(Apr 9th, 2000)


(Apr 9th, 2000)
Worktable for working on motors and generators.


(Apr 9th, 2000)
Sunset on April 8th, 2000.


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