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This page contains new photos, before they are added to individual web pages on our site. At times, there may be quite a few photos here, so please be patient while they load in your browser. The dates below the photos are the dates they were taken.


(Apr 17th, 2000)
A beautiful sunset.


(Apr 18th, 2000) Several shingles on our new garage roof came loose during one of our high wind days (sigh).


(Apr 20th, 2000)
Luckily, we have a handy roofer available on-call (smile). Thank you Carla!


(Apr 19th, 2000)
Don, all dressed up with nowhere to go but mow.


(Apr 19th, 2000)
Don mowing the corral.


(Apr 21st, 2000)
Carla standing inside one of our mini-canyons.


(Apr 23rd, 2000)
We have very brave falcons or hawks, not sure which, that scout our property on a regular basis for something good to eat.


(Easter, 2000)
Here is Don with our friends Ray and Ramona in their 5th wheel temporary home. The back of the head belongs to Ray's dad Charlie. Yep, that's hair on Don's face. He's trying to grow a beard -- again. One day it might actually work (laughing)!


(Easter, 2000)
Carla on Easter morning.
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