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This page contains new photos, before they are added to individual web pages on our site. At times, there may be quite a few photos here, so please be patient while they load in your browser. The dates below the photos are the dates they were taken.


    (Apr 25th, 2000)
    Scroll left and right to view this panoramic view that is not quite 360 degrees.


(Apr 27th, 2000)
The house and garage from our driveway. Spring has sprung and the grasses are starting to turn green!


(Apr 27th, 2000)
One example of our small collection of lawn art.


(Apr 27th, 2000)
An example of Don's mowing abilities. Wow, there's actually green grass under all those year old weeds.


(May 9th, 2000)
Hey, we finally have some trees! During weekend of the 6th
and 7th, we planted 30 small Spruce trees of between 2
and 3 feet tall.


(May 9th, 2000)
3 trees at the west end of the house, surrounded by driftwood so people don't run the little fellas over.


(May 6th, 2000)
Carla and Ramona working on some of the trees we planted in the back of the house to begin our north wind break.


(May 6th, 2000)
Carla and Ramona planting trees in back, with a good shot of the tractor and post hole digger (auger) behind them.


(May 6th, 2000)
Ray, Ramona and Carla all busy planting trees.


(May 6th, 2000)
Here's Ray finishing up a tree hole that the post hole digger began.


(May 6th, 2000)
The tractor's 3-point post hole digger is where each tree hole begins. Since it's 9" diameter is designed for digging holes for 6" diameter fence posts, each hole must be manually enlarged for the trees. It sure is a whole lot easier than trying to make holes in this rock-hard ground with a manual clam-shell type post hole digger! The auger takes about 30 seconds to dig a 2-3 foot deep hole (smile). And we did 30 of them in 2 days!
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