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(Nov 23rd, 1999)
Our house and garage, as seen from Harrisville Road. Our property is to the right of the telephone poles.


(Nov 23rd, 1999)
Now, for the FUN part (smile)! Our driveway, as seen from Harrisville Road. I mean -- just LOOK at that wonderful, straight, 3/4 mile long expanse of 40 foot wide, PRIVATE road. It's just what EVERY car-loving homeowner should have -- a 3/4 mile long dragstrip (laughing)!

Driveway sound effect


(Oct 23rd, 1999)
Our house, before it was re-painted.


(Nov 22nd, 1999)
Our house, after it was re-painted. The "landscaping" has been removed in order to raise the grade of the land around the foundation so that it slopes AWAY from the house instead of into it. Besides, the 2 things that looked like bushes in between the Master Bedroom windows (on the left) were Aus trees. They are a Willow hybrid that grow to be 70 feet tall and were planted only 1-1/2 feet from the house! So, landscaping will be one of our projects for next spring.


(Oct 23rd, 1999)
Unfinished garage, viewed from on our new driveway. The house is about 80 feet to the right.


(Nov 22nd, 1999)
Our new garage, finished on the outside, with doors that will eventually be painted white to match the house.


(Nov 23rd, 1999)
Interior framing in garage. This wall separates the 1-car part from the 2-car part of the garage.

Carpentry sound effect


(Nov 22nd, 1999)
Insulation and drywall being installed in the 1-car portion of the garage which will initially be used for storage and a deep freezer. Eventually, Don would like a small woodworking shop in here.


(Oct 23rd, 1999)
The barn, as viewed from the end of the house. It's a 25' x 61' "pole barn", which uses 6" x 6" rough-cut cedar posts (or poles) as the vertical frame members. Horizontal frame members and roof trusses are all dimensional lumber. The walls and roof are covered with sheet metal, and one end of the barn has a sheet metal, horizontal sliding door. The barn is about 500 feet from the house down a slight slope. The boxes in the foreground are the electric transformer and meter.


(Nov 23rd, 1999)
Our old 3/4 mile long, winding dirt driveway, viewed from the corner of the house. The previous owner owned 240 acres, which ran all the way to Harrisville Road. When they sold it, they subdivided the property into 3 80-acre parcels, which placed part of the old driveway in another parcel of land. So, a new driveway was graded on the section property divider, as seen in the next picture. Our South property line starts where the driveway makes a right hand curve to head towards the house to the South, which is barely visible.


(Oct 23rd, 1999)
Our new 3/4 mile long dirt driveway, viewed from the corner of the garage. The left half of the driveway, for a bit less than 1/2 of a mile down, is owned by us. Below that, the person living in the house below us owns the other 1/4 mile, which runs all the way to Harrisville Road. The entire right half is owned by our neighbor to the West, 7R Ranch, which is a working cattle ranch.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
This shows the incline when entering our property from the driveway.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
Our driveway entrance viewed from the NW.


(Nov 23rd, 1999)
Our South property line is the 4th or 5th utility pole down, just under 1/2 mile from the house.


(Oct 23rd, 1999)
My first attempt at a 360 degree panorama, viewed from the driveway near the garage. Left is the garage, then the roof of the barn, then the back of the house. Our North property line starts on the left where you see a dark line running into the horizon. It extends for 1/2 mile total, over the hill to the East on the horizon. See the Old Driveway photo above to see how far South our property goes. The driveway is our West border. (You need to scroll to the right in order to see the entire 360 degrees. Hope your browser supports oversized pictures!)


(Oct 26th, 1999)
This is another 360 degree panoramic view, from in front of the house. It is also before we had it painted.
(You need to scroll to the right in order to see the entire 360 degrees. Hope your browser supports oversized pictures!)

As you scroll to the right, you will see part of the roof of the barn, the electric transformer and meter (green boxes), the old driveway gate, our new 3/4 mile long dirt driveway, which is now to the left of the house in this photo, and a shadow of Pike's Peak and Cheyenne Mountain (NORAD).


(Mar 24th, 2000)
A wide-angle, multi-photo view from the NW corner of our property, looking SE. The fenced area straight ahead
and to the left is the 'pen'. The car behind the garage is a friend's.


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