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The Garage
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Construction of the Garage

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The Garage
The garage is an oversized, 3-car, stick-built, 2x4 wood frame construction with masonite siding.  The 2 sides of the garage are separated by an interior wall and door.  The one-car side is currently our workshop, and can be seen on other pages at this web site.  The two-car side has an automatic overhead door and also an outside service door, seen at the rear of the right wall.
The light fixture over the two-car door is both light and motion sensitive.  Electrical includes 100 amp service with a dedicated breaker panel, a lot of 120 volt outlets, lights, several 2 and 3-way light switches, and even 240 volt wiring on the one-car side.  The workshop is also wired for our home phone line, whenever the local phone company finally gets around to running a cable to it.
The walls and ceiling of the entire garage are insulated, drywalled and taped, which helps to keep the cold winter winds outside.  There is also a good sized storage attic over the two-car side.


Our new garage, as of November, 1999.  After the special-order doors were ordered, we decided to change the color of the house and garage trim from dark brown to white.  So, we're stuck with dark brown doors until we can paint them white.


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Welcome  The Ranch  Local Area  Friends & Family  Seasonal  Misc. Fun Photos 
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House For Sale

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