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The House - Outside
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The House - Outside
Welcome to our home in the country.  We have lots of photos to share in "The House" category so our out-of-town family and e-mail friends can get a good picture of where we live (pun intended).
Why are we using the "Green Acres" TV show theme song on our House page?  Well, it was either this one or the theme from "The Money Pit"!  We were going to call our property "Green Acres" because Carla and I remind each other of Oliver and Lisa from the TV show. That is, until everything that could break or go wrong did, just like in the TV show!  So, we decided to change the name of our property, and we did, to "Starview Ranch".  Much nicer, don't you agree?
Our home is an 1,800 sq. ft., 3 bedroom, 2 bath, ranch-style, vaulted-ceiling, pre-manufactured house with a wood-burning fireplace.  Yep, believe it or not, this is a double-wide mobil home!  It's attached to a poured-concrete foundation and has a 3-1/2 to 4 foot high crawl-space underneath.  The house was installed in Aug. of '96, and we've owned it since Sept. of '99.  There is currently no landscaping around it because we are re-grading the perimeter of the house so water flows away from the foundation.
Our future plans for the front of the house include a patio between the dining room and entry way, bushes, trees, and some type of teardrop shaped drive from the main driveway to the front of the house and back to the main driveway.
Enjoy your tour...


Thar she is, nearly 3/4 of a mile up from Harrisville Road.  Our property is to the right of the power poles and goes for 1/4 mile to the right on the lower part and 1/2 mile to the right on the upper part.  You can't see the barn from the road, but it's to the right of the house and behind a small hill.


Rooms in the house, from left to right: Master Bedroom, Dining Room/Family Room, Living Room,
Front Entry, and the Office.
The garage is an oversized 3-car unit, with a workshop on the left, in the 1-car part, separated by
an interior wall and door.
If you saw the earlier photos we had posted, you may notice that the 2 fences (barbed wire and electric) along the driveway are now gone, and that the driveway entrance by the garage is now
much wider.


Hey, we finally have some trees!  With the help of our friends Ray & Ramona, we planted 30 young Spruce trees in the front and back of the house on May 6th and 7th.  They are small, only 2 to 3 feet tall, but they were affordable and they'll grow up to be big and strong.


This one shows the back of the house along with the separation between buildings.


This one shows some of the 'lay of the land' around our house and buildings.


Here's one from a different viewpoint, looking North.


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House For Sale

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