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The Starview Ranch Property

Here's where the Starview Ranch is located in relation to Denver and Colorado Springs.


Here's a map of the Starview Ranch and surrounding properties.


It may not be the Ponderosa, but Starview Ranch is 120 acres of rolling hills grassland for grazing animals.  There are no trees or shrubs whatsoever except for those we are planting around the house.  However, there are hilltops, valleys, mini-canyons and all kinds of other interesting (to us) features in the land.  We hope you enjoy the photos of our property...


Our driveway, house, and garage as seen from Harrisville Road.  The barn is out of view
behind a hill.  Our property is to the right and the 7-R Ranch is to the left.  Just LOOK at that wonderful, straight, 3/4 mile long expanse of 40 foot wide, PRIVATE road.  It's just what EVERY car-loving homeowner should have -- a 3/4 mile long dragstrip (laughing)!

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The main entrance to our property.   The lower photo shows
the incline when entering our property from the driveway.  There was originally a 'hump' between the driveway (section divider) and our property, as can be seen where the pile of wood is.  This hump had to be cut into and then leveled by Don with the tractor.  It still needs some work and then a layer of road-base gravel added and compacted.  Right now, this and the entire plain dirt driveway are an absolute muddy mess whenever it snows or rains.  Such is 'life in the country'!


Our old 3/4 mile long, winding dirt driveway, viewed from the east end of the house.  The previous owner owned 240 acres, which ran all the way to Harrisville Road.  When they sold it, they subdivided the property into 3 80-acre parcels, which placed part of the old driveway in another parcel of land.  So, a new driveway was graded on the plot section divider, as seen in other photos.  The gate, posts and old wagon wheels are now gone.


Our South property line is between the 4th and 5th utility pole down.  Don
had to include this photo because of the beautiful pastel sunset in progress.


There are lots more photo pages of the Starview Ranch property to look at via the text links below.  These text links are also listed at the top of these pages ...

Yards  Garden  Corral/Pen  Flora & Fauna  Canyons & Valleys  Panoramas  Fun In the Mud  Projects


Welcome  The Ranch  Local Area  Friends & Family  Seasonal  Misc. Fun Photos 
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