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The Tractor
The real workhorse on the Starview Ranch is our 1959 Massey Ferguson, MF-50, 2-wheel drive tractor.  It has the 4 cylinder Continental gas engine with a rated output of 50 PTO (Power Take Off) horsepower at sea level, which is a bit less up here at 7,000 feet.  It came with a 3-point hitch and draft control, live PTO, power steering, and a ROPS (Roll Over Protection System, or roll bar).  The original owner had a heavy-duty front-loader added, which we use a lot.
We bought the tractor when we purchased the property in September of 1999 and then had it professionally gone over, either replacing or rebuilding most of the mechanical parts in Jan-Feb 2000.  We had a few things added as well, such as a new steering wheel, a used canopy, a new left wheel, new rear tires, a new seat, new cutting edge on the front bucket, a set of cutting teeth for the bucket, and some other stuff.  It could use a sandblast and paint job to make it look nicer, but that's real expensive.
The tractor came with a 7' back blade and then we bought a few more implements ... a 5' mower, a set of cultivating discs, and a 9" auger for digging fence post holes.  The pages in this category take you on a photo tour of the tractor and implements.  If you want to see what we do with the tractor, check out the 'Projects' section of the 'Property' category.

Shown here with the new 5' mower, Fergy may not look like much, but he is one mean beast of a tractor (smile)!


Here's a shot of the other side.


Fergy's rear-end, showing the new seat, tires
and chains, along with the 3-point hitch and live PTO hooked up to the new 5' mower.


The new seat, steering wheel and used canopy.


The driver's cockpit.  Guages, left to right: Ammeter; the big one is a multi-guage that includes tach, mph and PTO output readings; oil pressure; and lower right is engine temp.  The silver lever on the column, under the steering wheel, is the throttle.  The two lever controls to the right of the steering wheel are bucket controls (bucket up/bucket down and tilt-bucket-up / tilt-bucket-down).  Switches, below the steering wheel, from left to right: old light switch
(now part of the ignition switch), the starter button, the ignition switch.  Below the ignition switch, out of sight, is the manual choke.
Also out of sight, on the floor, are 3 foot pedals -- one combination clutch pedal for the transmission and PTO shaft, one pedal for the left rear brake and a third pedal for the right rear brake; 2 gear shift levers -- one for R-1-2-3 and one for High-Low); a parking brake;
and a brake pedal lock switch that locks the 2 individual brake pedals together.
On the left side below the seat, is the PTO (Power Take Off) shaft control lever.  It has 3 positions: Neutral, Ground Speed PTO and Engine Speed PTO.  Each of which determines how the speed of the PTO shaft is set.  The PTO shaft is how an implement that requires power get's it's power.  For example, the mower needs power to turn the blades.
On the right side below the seat, are the 3-point and draft control levers.  These raise and lower any implement attached to the 3-point hitch at the rear of the tractor, as well as determining how the implement is to react to ground height changes (draft).


The business end of Fergy (smile).  The bucket has a new cutting blade and a new set of digging teeth.


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