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Winter 2004: We now have a new Photo Gallery that will eventually replace this site.


Don waving hello
     Farmer Don says "Howdy Folks!  Thanks for dropping in!"

Welcome to Starview Ranch -- a dream come true for us.  Our small 120 acre "ranch" is located at an altitude of about 7,000 feet on the High Plains of eastern Colorado about 8 miles east of Calhan, Colorado.  Calhan is about 40 miles northeast of Colorado Springs, and is known as the highest non-mountain town in the United States at an altitude of 6,507 feet.
Our web site is a virtual, photo-based tour of our property, the local towns and neighboring properties, photos of us, our family & friends, cats, and our many projects.  Also included, are some fun photos of a cattle drive, right up our 3/4 mile long driveway, sunsets, sunrises, moons, winter and holiday photos, and much, much more.  The dates displayed under each photo are usually the date the photo was taken.
Java and JavaScript:  Currently, the only Java / JavaScript code on our web site is to provide changing Smiley Face graphics in the main navigation buttons, via a mouse rollover routine.  So, it is safe to allow scripts to run on our web site.  We hope to add a couple of special-effect Java scripts in the future, such as a lake ripple effect photo and a photo with live, falling snow flakes.  But for now, these are not on our web site.
Soooo ... Sit back, relax, and have an enjoyable time viewing the photos of our home and property in the country, along with a few musical selections and even an occasional sound effect.  If you have a slow connection to the Internet, please be patient because our pages do take some time to load, since they are full of photos.  Don reduces the file size of each photo the best he can and also limits the number of photos on each web page, which is why there are so many individual pages -- for our dial-up connected visitors.
Since our web site is photo-based, using JPEG image files, it is best viewed with a screen resolution of 800x600 or higher using a color depth of 16 million colors.  The font used throughout the site is 'Comic Sans MS', which used to be available for free from Microsoft.  We also have MIDI files on our web pages, which require a MIDI Player plug-in for your browser in order to hear them.
Thanks for visiting the Starview Ranch web site, last updated in Aug, 2004.
     -- Don & Carla
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Welcome  The Ranch  Local Area  Friends & Family  Seasonal  Misc. Fun Photos 
Click here to view a Category Tree Index of our web site

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