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Don & Carla's Place In the Country
-- Suns and Moons --

A beautiful 'country sunrise'.

Sunrise sound effect


A gorgeous 'country sunset' as seen from our front lawn.


Another gorgeous 'country sunset'.


Sunset on November 23rd, 1999.


(Dec 24, 1999)
Sunset on December 19th, 1999. The clouds look like molten lava suspended in mid air.


A Harvest Moon rising, October, 1999.


(Dec 24, 1999)
Moonrise, December 23, 1999. One day after the '100 year moon'.


(Mar 25th, 2000)
Same photo as above, but this one requires Java to be active in your browser, for a nifty 'special effect' that gives any photo a lake reflection. (Note: May not work.)


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