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(Feb 11th, 2000)
Left front view of our 1959 Massey Ferguson 50 tractor, with all mechanical parts rebuilt in Jan-Feb 2000. It could use a sandblast and paint job, but that's real expensive. It is a 4 cylinder gas engine with a rated output of 50 hp at sea level. It also came with power steering, wow!


(Feb 11th, 2000)
Right front photo of the Massey.


(Feb 11th, 2000)
Rear of the Massey, showing the 3-point and live PTO hooked up to our new Rhino 5 foot mower.


(Feb 11th, 2000)
The new (used) canopy, seat, steering wheel, and one of the new tires with chains installed.


(Feb 11th, 2000)
The driver's cockpit. Guages, left to right: Ammeter; the big one is a multi-guage that includes tach, mph and PTO output readings; oil pressure; and lower right is engine temp. The silver lever on the column, under the steering wheel, is the throttle. The two lever controls to the right of the steering wheel are bucket controls (bucket up/bucket down and tilt-bucket-up/tilt-bucket-down). Switches, below the steering wheel, from left to right: old light switch (now part of the ignition switch), the starter button, the ignition switch. Below the ignition switch, out of sight, is the manual choke.
Also out of sight, on the floor, are 3 foot pedals -- one combination clutch pedal for the transmission and PTO shaft, one pedal for the left rear brake and a third pedal for the right rear brake; 2 gear shift levers -- one for R-1-2-3 and one for High-Low); a parking brake; and a brake pedal lock switch that locks the 2 individual brake pedals together.
On the left side below the seat, is the PTO (Power Take Off) shaft control lever. It has 3 positions: Neutral, Ground Speed PTO and Engine Speed PTO. Each of which determines how the speed of the PTO shaft is set. The PTO shaft is how an implement that requires power get's it's power. For example, the mower needs power to turn the blades.
On the right side below the seat, are the 3-point and draft control levers. These raise and lower any implement attached to the 3-point connection at the rear of the tractor, as well as determining how the implement is to react to ground height changes (draft).


(Feb 11th, 2000)
The business end of the Massey (smile). The bucket has a new cutting blade and a new set of digging teeth. To see a couple of before and after photos of some excavation work, click here


(Feb 11th, 2000)
Another photo of the new Rhino 5 foot mower. I just tried out the mower on the 14th of February, since the temp was in the 60's, and it works great! To see a couple of before and after photos, click here.


(Feb 11th, 2000)
Our new 3-point post hole digger with a 9 inch auger. This will be used to drill holes in the ground to set 4 and 6 inch diameter fence posts. The old yellow bar (to the left) is part of the 3-point hitch system for the back of the tractor.


(Feb 11th, 2000)
Our 7-foot wide, 3-point back blade that came with the tractor. We use this for keeping the dirt driveway and area between the house and garage smooth. It will also be used for plowing snow that isn't too deep.


(Feb 14th, 2000)
Our 7-foot wide tilling disc. We will be using this implement to turn, or till, the soil wherever it is dragged. Each of the two rows of discs has a pivot point in the center that determines how agressive the soil is tilled. It's 3-point mounting to the tractor allows the depth of till to be set. For example, the front row of discs could be set to go deep and aggressive, while the back row is set higher and less aggressive to smooth out the soil tilled by the first row. A 'modern' tilling disc used for planting crops is probably 20 or 30 feet wide with 8 or 10 rows of discs, so this is just a baby (smile).


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