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-- Excavation Work: Before & After --

(Mar 24th, 2000)
BEFORE: Driveway entrance.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
AFTER. I widened it about 10 or 15 feet so it is less of a right-angle turn to get into our property. It's not quite done yet because the snow and rain stopped my progress.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
More AFTER. Moved the one pile of dirt and smoothed things
out a bit.


(Mar 30th, 2000)
Next stop, the west side of the garage. The land needs to be adjusted here too, so water runs away from the garage and into the land to the west (left), instead of puddling next to the garage. The barbed wire fence along the ridge on the left has already been removed. The orange construction fence was our low-cost attempt at a snow fence. It didn't work very well.


Where did those 2 huge piles of dirt go? CLICK HERE to find out.


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