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Where we live, the wind blows almost continually. So, in order to actually enjoy some of this wind, Don is researching wind turbines (windmills) that generate electricity. The commercial units are quite large and expensive, so Don is 'playing around' with making his own turbines. Both for 'art' and for electricity generation. Since he is not an electrician, electronics person, or a turbine designer, he's starting small and will be working his way up to larger units over time.
To see photos and text of the wind projects Don has worked on in the past, or is currently working on, just click any of the links below:

PicoTurbine Windmill Kit - A tabletop Savonius Rotor with A/C alternator (updated 3/17/00)
Anemometers - All kinds of fun anemometers (added 3/24/00)
Motors and Generators - Several different motors and generators I'm working with (added 3/24/00)


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