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(Mar 24th, 2000)
The very first anemometer I ever did build. Wow, it's a real work of art (laughing). Parts: 1 rollerblade wheel, with bearings and hollow axle; 1 threaded rod cut into 3 equal lengths, with nuts and lockwashers; 3 plastic drinking cups; 1 wooden dowl for the axle/post; 2 small, screw-type hose clamps to keep the wheel on the dowel; 1 mounting post driven into the ground. Put it all together, and you get what you see. I just stuck it out there to see if it would even work, and sure enough, it worked the first time. I'll be modifying the mounting so it's a bit more permanent.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
Here's another shot of it with the mountains as a backdrop.


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