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(Mar 24th, 2000)
The first generator I'll be playing with is a plain old 6 volt D/C bicycle generator. It will probably be added to one of my anemometers.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
This one is a used 90 volt D/C, permanent magnet motor that I hope to use as a generator on a wind turbine. It weighs a ton!



(Mar 24th, 2000)
This one is a used 12 volt D/C, permanent magnet, servo motor, that had a built in tach. I had hoped to use this motor to test other motors as generators since it had a tach, but I found out the tach does not work and I won't be able to fix it. I'm sure I'll find a good use for it.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
This is a new, surplus, 110 volt D/C, Dynetic Systems servo motor. I also purchased (but have not yet received) a D/C Motor Controller that is matched to this motor, so I'll be able to use it to test other motors.


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