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-- PicoTurbine Windmill Kit --

(Feb 28th, 2000)
Savonius Rotor Windmill Kit from All the parts are already unpacked, the templates glued to pieces of cardboard (right), the wood base cut, the aluminum wire frame bent into position and mounted, and the paper Savonius rotor blades cut out (left). The kit also includes 4 bar magnets, 4 coils of wound wire, a LED and some other stuff.


(Feb 28th, 2000)
This photo shows the alternator stator (coils) and rotor (magnets) mounted in their places. The rotor spins while the stator remains stationary.


(Feb 28th, 2000)
Here, the supports for the Savonius rotor blades are mounted to the drive shaft, which has been placed where it belongs.


(Feb 28th, 2000)
The finished kit -- a complete Savonius rotor wind turbine model with an A/C alternator. It actually produces about 1.7 volts A/C with a 12 mph test wind (blow dryer). The wind enters and pushes the rotor blades where they are open (like on the left) which pushes the alternator rotor around in a clockwise manner. I don't know what rpm the machine runs at for various wind speeds because I don't have a reflective tachometer yet.


(Mar 17th, 2000)
Here is the Savonius rotor kit attached to the optional PicoTurbine 'Direct Current Experiments' kit. The kit comes with a solderless breadboard, 4 germanium diodes, 2 electrolytic capacitors, 1 piezo buzzer, 1 LED, and a bunch of jumper wires. What all of this allows the experimenter to do, is to rectify (convert) the A/C coming out of the rotor alternator, to D/C (direct current), and then do several experiments. Which includes creating a half-wave rectifier, a full-wave rectifier, smoothing the DC ripple using capacitors, and a voltage doubling rectifier.
The way the breadboard is laid out in the photo, the voltage doubling rectifier is the active experiment. Note that the Savonius rotor is spinning, and that the LED in the middle of the breadboard is lit to green. This is pretty exciting stuff for a person who has never built an electronic circuit in his life (smile).


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