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-- Winter - Part 1 --

(Dec 5th, 1999)
A snow drift covering the entrance to our property, as seen from the corner of the garage.


(Dec 5th, 1999)
This one shows you it's size a bit better. Yes, that's Carla behind the drift, and she's 5' 8" tall! It took about 1-1/2 hours to hand-shovel a path so our vehicles could get through.


(Dec 5th, 1999)
A few birds eating the seed we put out. Actually, there are hundreds of birds all around the house all day long after every snow. Guess they get hungry too!


(Nov 23rd, 1999)
The drifted snow makes the car look like some kind of spaceship (smile).

Sound effect


(Nov 23rd, 1999)
View of Pike's Peak from our house.


(Dec 24th, 1999)
Nice clear view of the Colorado Springs front range, from our front yard, with Pike's Peak being the tallest mountain just right of center.


(Mar 25th, 2000)
Same photo as above, but this one requires Java to be active in your browser, for a nifty 'special effect' that fills any photo with snow flakes. (Note: May not work.)


(Dec 24th, 1999)
View of the mountains west of Denver -- 75 miles away -- from our house! (The white things, dead center on the horizon. The gray things are clouds.)


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