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-- The Workbench --

(Feb 28th, 2000)
This is the beginning of a new workbench. The top is a solid-core door, the legs will be 4x4's and the supporting frame will be 2x4's. Wish me luck!


(Mar 5th, 2000)
The underside of the workbench top is supported by 2 water pipes, since they are very strong. Each leg is attached via several 'L' brackets, cross 2x4's, and a 2x4 lower frame.


(Mar 5th, 2000)
The finished workbench. Future plans include adding a shelf on the lower leg supports and two drawers. Notice the other tables set up on the left side, and the overhead workbench light. Hey, it's starting to look like a workshop! The door on the right goes into the 2-car part of the garage.


(Mar 24th, 2000)
Added a lower shelf to the workbench; a removable rubber worktop area; a couple of parts bins for screws, nuts, bolts and washers; and some shelves on the left.


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